Friday, March 19, 2010

Urban Remedy juice detox- It's my turn to test it out

You may remember a couple of days back I posted an interview with Emma Seibold, the founder of new(ish) juice cleanse- Urban Remedy. Ever since reading about Melissa Hoyer (see her review of the 3-day cleanse here) and Lara Bingle road testing it on twitter, I've become obsessed by the idea of sort of 'starting again' in terms of diet etc.
I already eat fairly healthy, balanced meals. I have been known to over-indulge, though and I eat quite alot of chocolate.

I said I'd give the cleanse a go when I had time as there's really no point (for me, at least) in doing it at all if you can't do it wholeheartedly.

I'm also going to get pretty personal and post my measurements before and after as well as what I hope to get out of it and, eventually, what I gain from it.

What I hope to achieve:
  • Clearer skin. I'm really prone to breakouts and I just don't like my complexion in general. I'd love that 'glow' and translucency that some people have where it looks like sunshine is peeking through their pore. Now, I'm not expecting miracles- but anything would be nice.
  • Stronger nails. Particularly coming into Winter, despite the wonderful Estee Lauder re-nutriv hand cream I use, my nails get so brittle. If more nutrients can help me in this department I'd be forever grateful.
  • The loss of that 'sluggish' feeling. I hate to sound like a cereal ad, but you know when you're just feeling like you need to drag yourself around? I constantly feel really puffy- especially in the face. And it gets worse when I drink. Urgh. So I'm hoping that I will lose a bit of that bloated feeling.
  • Weight loss. This isn't imperative. I'm not unhappy with my weight. Actually, let me re-phrase, I weigh alot for my size. People don't believe me when I tell them my weight. So I'm not unhappy with my dress size moreso than my actual weight. I wouldn't mind slimming down a bit from this exercise- a kilo or two (just for a healthier look) is a practical, safe and acheivable goal I would imagine.
  • Loss of cravings. This one might be pushing it, I think it would take longer than 5 days to kick a craving, but if the Urban Remedy cleanse can help reduce my sugar, coca-cola and other nasty cravings, then it's a good start.
I think that's about it. I feel like those hopes are realistic, too. Like I said, I know it's not a miracle diet but more of a headstart and a re-train. I know how to eat healthily, but I constantly crave so much crap food- and I always give in. As much as I go to beautiful restaurants and adore fresh produce, I also live for processed, disgusting food. I've been known to turn up at football games where my team isn't playing JUST to buy a hotdog or two. True story.
Actually, it's recommended that you cut down on sugars, alcohol etc the days leading up to the cleanse and the Roosters are playing the Tigers this Sunday so I'll have to walk past the hot chips and hot dogs blindfolded and with my nose stuffed full of tissues. Arrrggh!!

Overall, I'm really excited to begin, and I'm also very nervous. I get sooooo hungry and I eat HUGE portions so I wonder what it's going to be like without solid food in my tummy. I go nuts whenever I have to have an operation or be nil by mouth even for a few hours so I'm interested to see how I last 5 days!
From what I've read on twitter, you tend to not actually get hunger pangs because the juices are so well balanced and packed with protein etc. so hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones who can breeze through it.
I'll be back on Sunday night with my measurements and initial thoughts once the juices get delivered.
Keep checking back for more updates!

And if you'd like to do your own cleanse, head to for more information, programs and pricing


  1. thank you for your lovely comment + good luck with the cleanse! I hope it benefits you in the ways you hope for :)


  2. You've inspired me to do the same. Can't decide between a three day or a five day??


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