Thursday, April 29, 2010

High Tea Party and the Jane McGrath Foundation- the ultimate girls day out!

Each year the wonderfully girly event of the High Tea Party takes place in luxury hotels around Australia with all the trimmings that a girl could want for a fantastically pretty and whimsical day.

Not only do guests enjoy a traditional high tea, but they also get pampered with beauty treatments, a fashion show and Portobello Road Market-type shopping.

To top it off, this year the McGrath Foundation has been chosen as the charity partner of the High Tea Party meaning that $5 from every ticket sold will go to the McGrath Foundation.

I've been a supporter of the McGrath Foundation since it began, as while I'm extremely lucky to have never had anyone close to me get Breast Cancer, it doesn't take a genius to understand the importance of Breast Care Nurses and the positive impact they can have on the lives of those affected by Breast Cancer.
It also helps that the McGrath Foundation always have really awesome fundraising initiatives that you can't help but want to be a part of .

In 2010 the High Tea Party will be held in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide with dates spreading from June to October.

The fashion side of the events will see a collaboration with Anthea Crawford which means a showing of their 2010 Winter collection as well as the opportunity to have one-on-one styling sessions with Anthea Crawford's styling experts.

Other partners include Green & Black's organic chocolate (ohhhh yeah), Lipton, VS Sassoon, Bare Minerals, Galliano, Nair, Gwinganna Retreat and who will be on hand to give you tips, tricks and workshops in their dedicated areas.

These events always sell out, so get your girls together and book now!

The High Tea Party will be taking place on the following dates at 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 4:30pm each day with interactive experiences and markets from 9am-6pm.

5-6 June 2010- The Stamford Plaza, BRISBANE (Love this hotel)
17-18 July 2010- The Hotel Windsor, MELBOURNE
4 September 2010- The Stamford Grand, ADELAIDE
8-9 October 2010- The Westin, SYDNEY

Tickets cost $95 and include high tea, all complimentary services, a gift bag and $5 donation to the McGrath Foundation!

To purchase tickets or for further information, head to

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway- French Navy Stationary

Have you bought your mum (or Mom for all you American/Filipino readers) her Mother's Day present yet? Is it even Mother's Day in the US/Philipines? Am I asking too many confusing questions for this time of the day?!

Well, look. I'm not here to make life more difficult. And neither are the lovely people over at French Navy. Which is why we're giving away a gorgeous set of cards just in time for Mother's Day.

You may remember when I posted about these cards way back when my blog started. It was only five months ago so it should be really fresh, but click here for the link in case you're not familiar.

To be honest with you, my thoughts on this brand have actually changed. I used to love it. I really did. But now I am obsessed by it! I've been using mine alot lately and I've been stalking their site to get some more.

At the moment I'm undecided between Stiletto, Pirouette, It's a girl thing and Rock-a-bye, baby. I know the last one is a 'baby' themed card, but I think it's so pretty.

Fortunately, for one of you lucky readers, you will soon be in the same predicament as me. For when you win my Mother's Day giveaway, you will be given the prize of one set of cards with the design of your choosing.

So, what'll it be? Fancy a heart design to write letters to your love? Would you like to get in early for Christmas? Or maybe you like something neutral like the dog or bird?
Whichever it may be, mosey on over to have a look at the generous selection and then pop back here to tell me what your favourite design is to be in the running to win one of these gorgeous sets.

Don't forget to become a fan of theirs on facebook, too. Click!

For those of you who just. want. it. right. now. you can buy from French Navy online and they will deliver them to you beautifully packaged.

This giveaway ends on the 3rd of May so that the cards arrive well in time for Mother's Day. That is if you decide you want to give them away afterall...

That means you only have a week to enter- so get commenting. Good luck, everyone!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

An army of cuteness!

Do you remember in March when I bought a book on petits fours? Well, I said I was going to bake my way through it to help perfect my neatness and presentation, and I realised I had completely neglected this challenge.
So tonight I decided to make some adorable mini lemon meringue pies.
The army reference has nothing to do with ANZAC day approaching. You will understand what I mean when you see the pictures.

Not that picture. That's the picture from the book. In my opinion, mine are slightly more adorable because they're more petite.
Thankfully I had some frozen shortcrust pastry, because I was not in the mood to make pastry. I cut out 35 7.5cm circles and pushed them into silicone moulds.
These were then baked for 12-15 minutes (or until golden brown) at 180 degress celcius (or 160 for fan-forced).
Set these aside to cool.

To make the lemon curd, combine 115g of caster sugar, 30g of cornflour, 2 teaspoons of lemon zest, 80ml of lemon juice, 185ml of water in a saucepan and stir over medium heat.
Once the mixture boils and thickens, remove from heat and add 30g of butter. Mix in well and then add 2 egg yolks gradually.
Spoon one teaspoon of the mixture into each of the pastry cases.

To make the meringue, beat 3 egg whites until stiff peaks have formed. Once you have these, gradually add in 170g of caster sugar until you have a thick and glossy mixture.
Spoon or pipe (I piped because it looks prettier) the egg white mixture on top of each of the pies.

Pop back in the oven for 5 or so minutes, until the tops of the meringues are lightly baked.

I will definitely be trying this recipe again. They taste gorgeous- so tart! And they were really simple to make. I think they look alot more impressive than how easy they were to bake.

I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend! x

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cocktail Couture- Sex and the City 2 meets SKKY Vodka

SKKY Vodka have been announced as the official vodka of the highly anticipated follow up to the Sex and the City movie- you guessed it, Sex and the City 2.

I'm pretty happy about this as it means, once again, two of my favourite things have combined- Vodka and Sex

sorry, my keyboard jammed. Vodka and Sex AND THE CITY.

The collaboration sees a number of exciting promotions coming our way so we can celebrate the release of the (rumoured to be) two and a half hour long movie, set to be in cinemas on the 2nd of June 2010.

Firstly, there'll be limited edition SKKY bottles designed by SATC's stylist, Patricia Field, with the SATC2 logo and image of a sparkling city skyline.
 On top of that, starting on the 8th May, there's a $25,000 Glamorous shopping experience to be won as well as 100 double passes per week for 10 weeks to Sex and The City 2 to be won.
You should also look out for bars and restaurants in your city who will be getting on board to serve up the five delicious new long drinks based around our favourite girls and Mr Big. Read on for the recipes so you can test these out at home first, or pick them up in outlets when you buy your limited edition SKKY Vodka.

I must say, I think Sex and the City really did big things for the Cocktail. The notion of having a girls night out and drinking Cosmos really surged after we saw the fabulous lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda in which they were doing the same thing.
I always feel better the morning after a night on cocktails, as opposed to a night of buying mixed drinks.

Because they're bigger and generally more expensive, it's easier to pace yourself and enjoy your drink rather than just downing it. I think because you're drinking a nicer looking drink you tend to look better overall, too. I mean, you can match them to your outfit and everything if you're that way inclined. 
Plus, there's usually some sort of fruit in there so you're getting your daily serving. Yes, yes you are.

I personally can't wait for the movie or SKKY Vodka Limited Edition bottles to be released. They come out at about the same time as my birthday and I'm having visions of girls nights out (and in) and I cannot wait to try the new cocktails that have been conjured up for each character.
I just can't decide which one I like best...I think I'm leaning towards the Mr. New York. It seems like it would taste like Cherry Coke with Vodka in it. Yummy!

Cocktail Recipes:

  • Glamorous girl (based on Carrie)
60ml SKKY Vodka
15ml fresh Lemon Juice
15ml fresh Lime Juice
15ml Simple Syrup or 1tsp. Sugar
Creme de Cassis or Chambord

Rim a martini glass in sugar by dipping it in a shall dish of Creme de Cassis (or Chambord) and then immediately dipping it in a shallow dish of sugar and rotating it to make sure it's coated.
Combine the SKKY Vodka, lemon and lime juice and simple syrup/sugar in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into the Martini glass.
Finish with a drop of Creme de Cassis (or Chambord) on top.

  • Busy Beauty (based on Miranda)
60ml SKKY Vodka
3 Red Grapes
2 Basil Leaves
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
20ml Simple Syrup or 1tsp. Sugar

Muddle grapes and basil leaves in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add SKKY Vodka, lemon juice and simple syrup with ice and shake vigorously. Double strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a basil leaf.

  • Fabulous Flirt (based on Samantha)
40ml SKKY Vodka
30ml Fresh Orange Juice
15ml Simple Syrup or 1tsp. Sugar
1 Lemon Squeeze
5 Raspberries
Squeeze lemon into cocktail shaker. Add raspberries, SKKY Vodka, orange juice and simple syrup with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass, squeeze a piece of lemon (skin side out) into the drink, then bend and drop skin into the drink. Garnish drink with a raspberry dusted in icing sugar on pick.

  • Pretty Princess (based on Charlotte)
40ml SKKY Vodka
80ml Lemon Lime Soda
1 Lemon Squeeze
10 ml red wine

Squeeze and drop lemon squeeze into a cocktail shaker with SKKY Vodka and lemon lime soda. Fill cocktail shaker with ice and stir. Strain into a tall Collins glass with fresh ice. Float red wine over the top of the drink as a garnish. Serve with a skinny black straw.

  • Mr New York (based on Big)
60ml SKKY Vodka
15ml Wild Turkey 101
20 ml Cola
2 bar spoons of Maraschino Cherry Juice
Combine SKKY Vodka, Wild Turkey Bourbon, cherry juice and cola into cocktail shaker with ice and stir. Pour into a double rocks glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

So who are you? Are you a Carrie? Samantha? Even a Big? Are you as excited as I am about the sequel?!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kim Kardashian launches the MOTOBLUR for Optus


This morning I met Kim Kardashian.

Let me tell you how this all went down.

My friend Angie and I decided to meet before 6am, grab a coffee, and then head down to the George Street Optus store to wait in line to see Kim at her 9am store appearance.

We were the second pair there. I sent this pic to her via Twitter to let her know we had been waiting in pitch black, freezing cold conditions just to see her. Guilt trip? Not at all.

One of the girls who was there first said Kim was at 2DayFM talking to Kyle and Jackie O, so Angie said she should call in, and I just happened to know the number off by heart. I have no idea why, I barely listen to the radio.
The girl, Ashleigh, rang in and got to chat to her. She told Kim we were waiting and we wanted to meet her.

A few more people trickled in over the next few hours. By 9am, an insane (that's actually a pretty good word to describe some of the people there) crowd had turned up to see her.
We were told by this point we would not all get to meet her and a raffle ticket system was established. The ten people picked out of a hat (a glittery one, at that) would get to come inside the store to have a 2 minute chat, a professional photo and receive a signed picture of Kim.
Out of the hundreds of people there, that was a slim chance.

Around 10am, Kim came out from the back to talk to the press about the MOTOBLUR. We frantically took pics from outside and a few nutcases screamed unnecessarily.
After about 15 minutes, Kim came outside into the little barricaded area for people to take photos, attempt to get photos with her and try and have a chat.
OK- WHY do people think it's ok to swamp someone? She is a person. A small person at that. The crowd was unbelievable and I wouldn't be surprised it she never came back to Australia because of it. I was getting crushed and I was one of the, if not the biggest person in the section of the crowd I was in.

I was so annoyed that people who turned up at 8:30, 9, 9:30 just drifted into the front of the crowd and got to have pictures. I'm a pretty placid person who isn't into pushing people but either way I wouldn't have been able to get a good picture.

I managed to get one of Angie- It's kind of funny, but it gives you an idea of how ridiculous it was.

So it got too insane for Kim to be outside and she went back in. This was when they called the raffle. I think the first ticket drawn was rigged (rightfully so) and it was Ashleigh, the girl who got their first. The next nine people called were just people who had rocked up later and were around the corner. This was pretty unfair in my opinion, but what could I do?

All those winners had gone inside and it was a bit of an anticlimax. Noone budged and I was starting to get shitty thinking what a waste it was to get up that early for pretty much nothing. THEN security came outside and said to my friend "Kim has specifically requested to see you and your friend" and Angie went to grab me but some absolutely awful excuse for a human being linked arms with her and got taken in. Keep in mind, this girl got there at about 8:30am and kept talking about how she was there at 5am.

No, you weren't.  I have a photo of the line and you're way back in it. There is a special place in hell for you, my dear.

So Angie and the girl get taken inside with Angie screaming "SHE'S NOT MY FRIEEEEEEEND! My friend is the one with the boooooooow!!!!"

I was left outside close to tears. Today was a particularly bad day for my arthritis (being so freezing cold at 4am when I woke up) and physical pain doesn't usually make me cry, but it was all too much and I was so upset.
I hung out the front in the mob for a few more minutes and next thing Angie comes bounding up to the door with one of the Optus reps and they tell security Kim has asked for me to come inside.


Apparently, once inside, Angie kept telling the Optus people that the girl who blew in with her wasn't her friend but they pretty much said "too bad", in nicer words. Angie then yelled out to Kim the same thing and that her real friend was the one with the big bow and Kim went up to the Optus staff and said to come and get me.


As a result, I look horrendous in all the pics. I had to run in there and I was trembling. I look like a stunned mullet in 75% of the pics and in the others I look like a stalker who finally got to meet her idol. Trust me, I'm not that bad I just couldn't control the muscles in my face. I couldn't smile or do anything I just had this blank look on my face with really vacant yet somehow crazy eyes.

just. so. excited.

I'm actually dead in this picture, right? There's no other excuse for that face.

I'm a stunned mullet.

I'm hoping, praying that somewhere out there there is a decent shot of me with Kim.

After the group shots, we were allowed two minutes chatting with Kim and a professional photo plus a signed postcard.

I thanked Kim profusely for letting me sneak in. She said "You've got a great friend" and then I stupidly rambled about how it was so cold outside waiting for her at 6am. I finally composed myself and was like, "Ok, I have a blog named A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness and I'd love to know what your most favourite cute thing in the entire world is?"

Kim- "Well, I have these flanalette pyjamas which I think are really cute. All my friends tease me about them though."
Marlo- "hehe What's printed on them?"
Kim- "Hearts....and igloos. All sorts of things. They're so snuggly, though. I think they're cute."
Marlo- "That is cute."

Then we said our goodbyes and I left.

Can't. Control. Facial. Muscles.!

She's so, so, so stunning. You can't even imagine. She looks like perfection. She's alot taller than I thought she would be. I mean, she had very high heels on, but I thought she'd be really short.
She's also alot skinnier than I imagined. In photos and on TV she looks really curvy. Like, if she were a road she'd have one of those squiggly arrow signs in front of her, but she's just got a normal, healthy, petite body. Sort of like Lara Bingle.

I'm not sure what labels she was wearing, but she had on a stripey shift dress with a black leather belt and a gorgeous sheer, silk jacket with sharp shoulders which she does so well.

I checked out the MOTOBLUR phone afterwards, too. It's pretty good if you love being on the net. It has unlimited Twitter, Facebook and YouTube capabilities and certain plans offer unlimited SMS. It's got a qwerty keyboard with decent-sized keys and a nice, sleek touch screen.
I'm currently on a really good plan, but it's definitely something I'd consider when my plan runs out in a couple of months.

Outfit pic, for reference.

Pants- Lounge Apparel
Singlet- From the Harley Davidson store in Orlando
Boots- Robert Clergerie
Jacket- No name brand
Bag- Chanel
Headband- Purchased in Harajuku, Tokyo

Kim will be doing instore appearances on the 21st of April at 9am at 253 Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne and 22nd April at 10:10am at 221-225 Tattersalls Arcade, Brisbane.

oohh- I stole some of Angie's pics, because she got some different ones I didn't have:

LOL. I'm so tense!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Someone with sexy legs...




I think you can tell by my pictures that my legs aren't my greatest asset, but I freakin' love these leggings. They created a stir when they were previewed at the David Jones Winter showings and I've been on the lookout since.

In the meantime, they were worn by Cheryl Cole in that ridiculous excuse for a 'song' Three Words' video clip and it made me want them even more.

Seriously, I would love to wear the Sass & Bide body suit and leggings out with just a pair of black pumps and futuristic hair. Incredible.

Here they are modelled by the stunningly beautiful Annika Kaban (on and they look absolutely gorgeous on her.

Described on Aussie super e-boutique, My Catwalk, as being exclusive, hand embellished, comfortable and detailed; I personlly think these are going to follow in the footsteps of previous iconic Sass & Bide leggings- Black Rats, but with a whole lot more flair.

The ever popular Black Rats

So, who has long, toned legs and a spare $890 to buy these puppies? Let me live vicariously through you!

Sass & Bide 'The Bullet' leggings available through for AU$890.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Etchibald's

For a few years now it's become a tradition for my parents and I to go and see the Archibald prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and then go for a nice lunch somewhere.

Last year, a few months after it opened, Etch became our choice of place to eat at since it was in convenient proximity to the Art Gallery and there's easy parking.

So of course I've come up with a clever merging of words to call this outing- The Etchibald's.

HIGH-larious, is it not?

Moving on.

As far as the Archibald's go, this year I was pretty underwhelmed. Usually I come away with a clear favourite with many in close second, but this year I kind of struggled just to choose a portrait to vote for in the People's Choice.
I settled in the Portrait of Glenn A. Baker. Mostly because it's the kind of picture, even without knowing the man, I wouldn't mind having hung up in my house. Plus I really like the guy. I'd love to sit down with him and see who knows more about Mariah Carey...

Glenn in Black and White by Nafisa

There were a few that caught my attention. The Danny Green portrait, Underdog, by Peter Clifton Kendall was executed particularly well, you could actually sense the agile movements of a boxer in the wishy-washy brush strokes.

Underdog by Peter Clifton Kendall

Aside from that, the only other that did anything for me was the one of Peter Fitzsimons. I'm basing this purely on the physical similarity to the subject and the attention to detail. There's nothing outstanding about the personal style of the artist (in this painting) but it is very well done so it deserves credit for that.

Peter Fitzsimons by Peter Smeeth

That said, I can barely draw a stick figure, so who am I to judge?

After the Art Gallery it was time for lunch at Etch. As usual I had chosen what I was going to eat well before we arrived.
I'm pretty predictable, I had the caramelised beef short rib with royal blues and spinach as a main and for dessert, Spiced Plum crumble with Hoegaarden icecream. I had and still have no idea what Hoegaarden is, but I like to think someone digs it out of the ground from the ice cream bush with a hoe.
An icecream bush- wouldn't that be magical?!

I only took a quick piccie of the crumble, it was so tasty. Like a Plum flavoured gingerbread house. Mmmmm...

As for my outfit (I haven't done an outfit post in ages!) I was dressed a little bit Wintery, but I'm so sick of the heat I am trying to summon the cold so here's what I wore:

Dress- Wheels and Dollbaby
Trenchcoat- Wheels and Dollbaby
Stockings- Alannah Hill
Boots- Robert Clergerie
Bag- Chanel
Nails- O.P.I Off with her red

Has anyone else been to see The Archibald Prize? Who was your favourite?
Have a great weekend, y'all!

Pics of paintings from

Lydia Jewels on tour with Kelly Clarkson

In some very exciting local news, American Idol superstar Kelly Clarkson has requested one of my favourite Aussie designers, Lydia Jewels to help complete her look on her Australian tour beginning tomorrow night!

Already spotted on stars such as our own Jessica Mauboy, Melanie Griffiths' daughter, Dakota Johnson and Underbelly's Cheree Cassidy, a selection of Lydia Jewels  have been requested by Kelly to wear in a series of concerts in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Let's hope that the pieces she requested are all she ever wanted because her life would suck without them.

Here's what Kelly has requested and might have on tomorrow night

Ashleigh earrings- AU$60

Rebekah, Rose and Salina bracelets- AU$130 (for set of three)

Jodie Earrings- AU$156

Mackenzie Tinkerbell Necklace- AU$88

Scarlet Charm Necklace- AU$178

Laurence Necklace- AU$50

I'm sensing a strong black, orange and purple theme. I like it. Crossing my fingers and toes that Kelly will use some Aussie designers while she's here. It's always nice when big celebrities embrace our local talent.

I've noticed in the past Kelly Clarkson has worn lots of dangly, big earrings so I think these would suit her perfectly.

Someone else who loves a bit of dangly ear candy is Delta Goodrem who is apparently another fan of Lydia Jewels. She has gone off to LA today with a swag of Lydia Jewels in tow. Being a collector of Lydia pieces it's always awesome when your fave celebs start wearing what you're wearing!

To get your hands on some Lydia Jewels before the celebrities of the world get them all first, head to to buy online or see their list of stockists.