Thursday, April 15, 2010

Borne Naked- Don't be caught naked again.

How annoying is it when you change handbags and you realise you've left your fave lip gloss, your house keys, or worse- tampons in another bag?
This happens to me more often than not and it's stressful and annoying. The amount of times I've had to come home from work in the city just to pick up something I'd left in a handbag from the day before is countless and absolutely infuriating.

So, for those of you who haven't jumped on the Borne-wagon (see what I did there? eh? eh?), it's time you got a Borne Naked handbag liner. Simply put your handbag belongings inside the liner as opposed to inside the bag, and when it's time to swap just change the clear liner over to the next bag.

You don't even need to put all your handbag contents in the liner, just those things that you know you're going to be pissed off if you don't have them on you.

The Borne Naked handbag liners come in three different sizes, Small, Medium and Large, depending on how much of your life you carry around with you.

And to get you started, there are also packs dedicated to the traveller, the Everyday Girl, the Party Girl, the Beach Girl and the Mum which include a liner plus essentials (for example the Everyday Girl's Pack has Moxie tampons, nail file, mini Listerine, Bastiste Dry Shampoo, Lanolips lip gloss and Mini Rexona deoderant. To name a few). Is it bad I want to have a baby just so I can buy the Mum's pack? Hmmm probably, but it's so adorable!

Mum's Pack AU$60

Everyday Girl's Pack AU$50

Speaking of mums, just in time for Mother's Day there have been two new packs released. The Indulgent pack and the mini Indulgent pack. They feature a liner (medium size for indulgent and small for mini indulgent pack) and are packed with luscious and decadent treats from MOR, Begenki and Narcisco Rodriguez. The Indulgent pack also includes some yummy Nougat Limar which recently showed at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

So at $55 (with over $75 value) for the Mini Indulgent Pack and $75 (with $130 value) for the Indulgent Pack these are the perfect gift for your mum or why not even treat yourself?

Indulgent Pack AU$75

Mini Indulgent Pack AU$55

And hey, just because the packaging is girly, doesn't mean that boys don't have bags and belongings too. Once that Cardboard wrapper comes's anyone's game!
This is especially true for travelling. I see so many men carry around man-bags ("It's not a man-bag, it's a satchel") but this number increases when they travel. It would be handy for anyone to have their important things in the liner and then just have your water bottle, jumper, etc on the outside.

Perfect for travelling.

I'd probably suggest the small size for men, though, as they obviously don't carry around as much as us girls!

On an average day I'm likely to have wallet, keys, phone, diary, notebook (an actual notebook, not the movie. I know I'm into girly things, but geez, I'm not that bad!) lipstick, lipgloss and sunnies. I managed to fit all of these in my medium sized liner.

The indulgent range is only available for a limited time, and with Mother's Day creeping up on us at only a few weekends away you should snap one up soon!

The entire Borne Naked range can be viewed and purchased at or the lists of stockists available on their site.


  1. I actually wanted to make a version of these myself years and years ago when I would constantly leave things in my bags when I'd change them according to my outfit. They look great! My version was more of a silk pouch but I have to say these look more practical.

  2. That's pretty smart! It reminds me of those toiletry bags, though! I think a silk pouch one sounds like a great idea, or one with a cute print...hmmm...!

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