Thursday, April 8, 2010

Donna Hay 50th issue

Yesterday (in Australia) Donna Hay's 50th issue came out, so naturally I raced to the newsagent to buy it.
I want to eat this issue. I mean, all her mags are fabulous, but have you seen the cover of this one?
No? Well here it is:

Tell me you don't just want to mush that cake into your face. Aside from the chocolate cake recipes (there are alot of them) there's a whole heap of recipes for warm salads featuring roasted meats and vegies, as well as various ideas for pies and other wintery goodness in the 'one pot meals' section.

I love Winter enough as it is with the darkness, layers and cold (maybe I should move to Melbourne?). But then I start thinking about all the hearty food I can indulge in that doesn't suit the hot months and it makes me even more excited.

I'm definitely trying out the lamb shank pies first off. They caught my eye straight away.

Also- until the 1st June 2010 (while stocks last) Donna Hay is offering a gift of  free set of three tea towels and a spatula for every purchase of over $75 and  free set of three tea towels, spatula and a linen apron for every purchase over $150.

Visit the Donna Hay general store at 40 Holdsworth Street in Woollahra, Sydney or call the store on +61 2 9328 6555 to take advantage of this offer....just like I did.

Today I popped in to get a cake stand, a glass dome for the top of the cake stand, a wire cooling rack and two delicious chocolate cupcakes.

Normally my routine goes like this- Go to my Dentist which is nearby, go to Victor Churchill's and buy meat, then go to Donna Hay for macarons. I then wait until I'm allowed to eat again and gorge on previously bought products.
But today, I was a little more civilised than that. A little.

I've never had the DH cupcakes before and they're soooo yummy. Just like the best homemade cupcake you could ever eat, with sweet, fluffy icing that has the slightest salty flavour to it and a sugary yet chewy button to top it off.

Here's what I bought...

Chocolate cupcakes $3.50 each

Wire Cooling Rack $39.95

Extra Large Cake Stand- $119.95
Glass Cake Dome- $39.95

Gift with purchase for Spending over $150.00

Has anyone else bought this issue yet? What will you be making first?


  1. My issue should arrive any day now! I love Donna, she is such a lovely lady. And great offer-I must go back and visit and replenish my cupcake supplies!

  2. Ooh I'm so excited, going to go and get it first thing tomorrow! Seasons is my favourite cook book. I love the pizzas and all of the yummy pies. As I type, Donna's stewed apple and coconut cobbler is cooking in the oven.

  3. Wow, I never knew she had a store as well. Donna Hay is an empire.

    Thanks for the lovely comment on the DiVine article :)

  4. I never knew she had a store either!
    Yum Yum Yum they look great.

    Your kitchen looks awesome by the way! (well, as much as I could see - such as the drawers!)

  5. i saw that issue in the supermarket too (didnt buy it) but i REALLY must have a black cake stand like the one on the cover. I have been searching in the shops and online all day today & can find nothing in Australia!
    Does it say in the book what brand the stand is? did that have black stands at the donna hay store?

  6. It's pretty sexy, isn't it?

    Unfortunately all it says in the mag is 'styled by Donna Hay'.

    The other colours in store are Green and Pink as well as the white which I purchased.

    I'm sure if you emailed them they would let you know.

    sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


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