Friday, April 16, 2010

The Etchibald's

For a few years now it's become a tradition for my parents and I to go and see the Archibald prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and then go for a nice lunch somewhere.

Last year, a few months after it opened, Etch became our choice of place to eat at since it was in convenient proximity to the Art Gallery and there's easy parking.

So of course I've come up with a clever merging of words to call this outing- The Etchibald's.

HIGH-larious, is it not?

Moving on.

As far as the Archibald's go, this year I was pretty underwhelmed. Usually I come away with a clear favourite with many in close second, but this year I kind of struggled just to choose a portrait to vote for in the People's Choice.
I settled in the Portrait of Glenn A. Baker. Mostly because it's the kind of picture, even without knowing the man, I wouldn't mind having hung up in my house. Plus I really like the guy. I'd love to sit down with him and see who knows more about Mariah Carey...

Glenn in Black and White by Nafisa

There were a few that caught my attention. The Danny Green portrait, Underdog, by Peter Clifton Kendall was executed particularly well, you could actually sense the agile movements of a boxer in the wishy-washy brush strokes.

Underdog by Peter Clifton Kendall

Aside from that, the only other that did anything for me was the one of Peter Fitzsimons. I'm basing this purely on the physical similarity to the subject and the attention to detail. There's nothing outstanding about the personal style of the artist (in this painting) but it is very well done so it deserves credit for that.

Peter Fitzsimons by Peter Smeeth

That said, I can barely draw a stick figure, so who am I to judge?

After the Art Gallery it was time for lunch at Etch. As usual I had chosen what I was going to eat well before we arrived.
I'm pretty predictable, I had the caramelised beef short rib with royal blues and spinach as a main and for dessert, Spiced Plum crumble with Hoegaarden icecream. I had and still have no idea what Hoegaarden is, but I like to think someone digs it out of the ground from the ice cream bush with a hoe.
An icecream bush- wouldn't that be magical?!

I only took a quick piccie of the crumble, it was so tasty. Like a Plum flavoured gingerbread house. Mmmmm...

As for my outfit (I haven't done an outfit post in ages!) I was dressed a little bit Wintery, but I'm so sick of the heat I am trying to summon the cold so here's what I wore:

Dress- Wheels and Dollbaby
Trenchcoat- Wheels and Dollbaby
Stockings- Alannah Hill
Boots- Robert Clergerie
Bag- Chanel
Nails- O.P.I Off with her red

Has anyone else been to see The Archibald Prize? Who was your favourite?
Have a great weekend, y'all!

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  1. Sad to hear you found the Archibald underwhelming. I haven't been yet, but probably will as I have some free tix for Utamaro to use up as well.

    I adore you OTK boots. They look like such a great fit for you.

  2. An ice cream bush...too funny...I will look around Albury and see if I can find one!
    You should come down to Albury and Adam and I will take you on a wine/food tour of the North East...Ok maybe we'll leave Adam at home with the Xbox.
    Love the blog!
    Maddie x

  3. Gorgeous outfit. I love those boots!

  4. Wow, I adore your outfit! :)) Very nice. And your hair is just fab, so long too!
    I'm glad I found your blog :) If you have the time, I'd really appreciate you stopping by at my blog - and if you like, feel free to subscribe and comment :))
    Have a great day hon xxx

  5. Thanks, ladies!

    blanche- It's definitely still worth going to. Something I hated might be someone elses love :)

    Maddie- yes, I should come down! I've never been. I've heard there's actually some good restaurants around. And wine...mmmm wine.

    Amy- Thankyou!

    Pixie Dust- Thankyou :) I'll check out your blog.

  6. I love your long blond hair!

    I love how you have rocked the boots as well! I haven't managed to find a pair of OTK boots to try on! And I am not sure as to how to wear them as I am in dresses most of the times!


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