Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello Kitty Wines- Our favourite girl has grown up

I know it seems like I'm a bit behind the 8 ball with this one, but I've been waiting on some further info so that you could have all the details and not be left wondering WHERE CAN I GET MY HANDS ON THIS RIGHT NOW?! like I have been. Sadly it seems that a European agency is handling this one and there's next to no information available on stockists. Boo Hoo.

Just to cement the theory that Hello Kitty is quite possibly the most succesful marketing campaign in the history of the entire universe, Sanrio have collaborated with Italian wine makers Tenimenti Castelrotto in Lombardy to produce a collection of Hello Kitty merchandise suitable only for adults. Unless you're in France and then it's pretty much targeted at the same audience all HK merchandise is targeted at. (Get it? 'cuz you pretty much drink from birth over there...)

Anyway, This new 'adult' venture is a range of Hello Kitty wines. There are four wines in the series and each one features a grown up illustration of Hello Kitty ready for a night on the town downing her own wine, I suppose.

So far it looks like they will only be on sale in the US- I've been trying to find some pricing info as the online store isn't up yet so I hope Aussies eventually get to buy these.

The four wines include:
  • Hello Kitty Sparkling Brut Rose
  • Hello Kitty Angel White
  • Hello Kitty Devil Red
  • Hello Kitty Sparkling Sweet Pink
Obviously I'm thrilled I can now incorporate my love of cute with my love of drinking so if anyone who has a clue reads this- PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN BUY THE WINE!

I think they're such a cute idea for people who are of drinking age, but are a 'young' 18 or 21. I mean, not every 21 year old would appreciate getting a bottle of Grange Hermitage if they're still happy to open a bottle of Yellowglen on a saturday night now, would they?

Also- for those of you who don't drink, there's a non-alcoholic, sparkling grape juice in the works to be released in collaboration with the same line as these wines.

Speaking of people who don't drink, I read this small piece in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday about how the business of Halal food and drink is absolutely booming in France. Halal-approved Duck liver pate and Non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice are just two of the items aimed at the under-40 group who wish to take part in the sort of luxury lifestyle their peers are; without defying their religious beliefs. Read about it here. I thought it was cool, kind of along the lines of Stella McCartney making Vegan luxury items, just because you have certain beliefs doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun!

Would you be willing to try out Hello Kitty wine? What's your favourite wine at present?

Pics from Sanrio


  1. I think the difficult part will be finding people reading this who have a clue.

  2. hhmmm you never know. When I wrote about Angel Champagne (with a similar issue of not knowing where to buy it) someone from Angel Champagne emailed me with info.

    Here's hoping :)

  3. you KNOW i love this! lovely post, doll! i will definitely be getting sloshy on this at my bday in may!!!

  4. sparkling sweet pink sounds delish, and the packaging doesn't hurt either ;)


  5. SOOO CUTE! hello kitty wine would make be a perfect beverage for a lacasama night


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