Monday, April 19, 2010

Kim Kardashian launches the MOTOBLUR for Optus


This morning I met Kim Kardashian.

Let me tell you how this all went down.

My friend Angie and I decided to meet before 6am, grab a coffee, and then head down to the George Street Optus store to wait in line to see Kim at her 9am store appearance.

We were the second pair there. I sent this pic to her via Twitter to let her know we had been waiting in pitch black, freezing cold conditions just to see her. Guilt trip? Not at all.

One of the girls who was there first said Kim was at 2DayFM talking to Kyle and Jackie O, so Angie said she should call in, and I just happened to know the number off by heart. I have no idea why, I barely listen to the radio.
The girl, Ashleigh, rang in and got to chat to her. She told Kim we were waiting and we wanted to meet her.

A few more people trickled in over the next few hours. By 9am, an insane (that's actually a pretty good word to describe some of the people there) crowd had turned up to see her.
We were told by this point we would not all get to meet her and a raffle ticket system was established. The ten people picked out of a hat (a glittery one, at that) would get to come inside the store to have a 2 minute chat, a professional photo and receive a signed picture of Kim.
Out of the hundreds of people there, that was a slim chance.

Around 10am, Kim came out from the back to talk to the press about the MOTOBLUR. We frantically took pics from outside and a few nutcases screamed unnecessarily.
After about 15 minutes, Kim came outside into the little barricaded area for people to take photos, attempt to get photos with her and try and have a chat.
OK- WHY do people think it's ok to swamp someone? She is a person. A small person at that. The crowd was unbelievable and I wouldn't be surprised it she never came back to Australia because of it. I was getting crushed and I was one of the, if not the biggest person in the section of the crowd I was in.

I was so annoyed that people who turned up at 8:30, 9, 9:30 just drifted into the front of the crowd and got to have pictures. I'm a pretty placid person who isn't into pushing people but either way I wouldn't have been able to get a good picture.

I managed to get one of Angie- It's kind of funny, but it gives you an idea of how ridiculous it was.

So it got too insane for Kim to be outside and she went back in. This was when they called the raffle. I think the first ticket drawn was rigged (rightfully so) and it was Ashleigh, the girl who got their first. The next nine people called were just people who had rocked up later and were around the corner. This was pretty unfair in my opinion, but what could I do?

All those winners had gone inside and it was a bit of an anticlimax. Noone budged and I was starting to get shitty thinking what a waste it was to get up that early for pretty much nothing. THEN security came outside and said to my friend "Kim has specifically requested to see you and your friend" and Angie went to grab me but some absolutely awful excuse for a human being linked arms with her and got taken in. Keep in mind, this girl got there at about 8:30am and kept talking about how she was there at 5am.

No, you weren't.  I have a photo of the line and you're way back in it. There is a special place in hell for you, my dear.

So Angie and the girl get taken inside with Angie screaming "SHE'S NOT MY FRIEEEEEEEND! My friend is the one with the boooooooow!!!!"

I was left outside close to tears. Today was a particularly bad day for my arthritis (being so freezing cold at 4am when I woke up) and physical pain doesn't usually make me cry, but it was all too much and I was so upset.
I hung out the front in the mob for a few more minutes and next thing Angie comes bounding up to the door with one of the Optus reps and they tell security Kim has asked for me to come inside.


Apparently, once inside, Angie kept telling the Optus people that the girl who blew in with her wasn't her friend but they pretty much said "too bad", in nicer words. Angie then yelled out to Kim the same thing and that her real friend was the one with the big bow and Kim went up to the Optus staff and said to come and get me.


As a result, I look horrendous in all the pics. I had to run in there and I was trembling. I look like a stunned mullet in 75% of the pics and in the others I look like a stalker who finally got to meet her idol. Trust me, I'm not that bad I just couldn't control the muscles in my face. I couldn't smile or do anything I just had this blank look on my face with really vacant yet somehow crazy eyes.

just. so. excited.

I'm actually dead in this picture, right? There's no other excuse for that face.

I'm a stunned mullet.

I'm hoping, praying that somewhere out there there is a decent shot of me with Kim.

After the group shots, we were allowed two minutes chatting with Kim and a professional photo plus a signed postcard.

I thanked Kim profusely for letting me sneak in. She said "You've got a great friend" and then I stupidly rambled about how it was so cold outside waiting for her at 6am. I finally composed myself and was like, "Ok, I have a blog named A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness and I'd love to know what your most favourite cute thing in the entire world is?"

Kim- "Well, I have these flanalette pyjamas which I think are really cute. All my friends tease me about them though."
Marlo- "hehe What's printed on them?"
Kim- "Hearts....and igloos. All sorts of things. They're so snuggly, though. I think they're cute."
Marlo- "That is cute."

Then we said our goodbyes and I left.

Can't. Control. Facial. Muscles.!

She's so, so, so stunning. You can't even imagine. She looks like perfection. She's alot taller than I thought she would be. I mean, she had very high heels on, but I thought she'd be really short.
She's also alot skinnier than I imagined. In photos and on TV she looks really curvy. Like, if she were a road she'd have one of those squiggly arrow signs in front of her, but she's just got a normal, healthy, petite body. Sort of like Lara Bingle.

I'm not sure what labels she was wearing, but she had on a stripey shift dress with a black leather belt and a gorgeous sheer, silk jacket with sharp shoulders which she does so well.

I checked out the MOTOBLUR phone afterwards, too. It's pretty good if you love being on the net. It has unlimited Twitter, Facebook and YouTube capabilities and certain plans offer unlimited SMS. It's got a qwerty keyboard with decent-sized keys and a nice, sleek touch screen.
I'm currently on a really good plan, but it's definitely something I'd consider when my plan runs out in a couple of months.

Outfit pic, for reference.

Pants- Lounge Apparel
Singlet- From the Harley Davidson store in Orlando
Boots- Robert Clergerie
Jacket- No name brand
Bag- Chanel
Headband- Purchased in Harajuku, Tokyo

Kim will be doing instore appearances on the 21st of April at 9am at 253 Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne and 22nd April at 10:10am at 221-225 Tattersalls Arcade, Brisbane.

oohh- I stole some of Angie's pics, because she got some different ones I didn't have:

LOL. I'm so tense!


  1. omg i love kim, she's gorgeous! your outfit is adorable, love the over the knee boots and chanel! its funny, i only live about an hour from where she lives and i've never met her, but you live on the other side of the world and you met her,,,,lol!

  2. It's so good that you got to meet her, especially after waiting in line for so long.

    I didn't even know she was coming to Sydney!

    You look great and I love your headband.

  3. That is really cool. I'm not a fan of Kim but I'm happy for you that you got to meet her. It kind of sucks that so many people lined up to meet her and they did the raffle thing. Lucky it all worked out well otherwise it wouldve sucked more. Let me tell you, and this is just my opinion. She has hair stylists, makeup artists and who knows how much cosmetic surgery. And after all that you look so much nicer than her in those pics. She's pretty but not natural at all and at the end of the day what has she really done that the average girl hasn't? Other than that tape..... Anyway, still enjoyed reading this post and hope u had a great day!

  4. That's so exciting! I think you gorgeous by the way :) That's so awful what that girl did, luckily you have such a great friend!

  5. lol i loved your story.
    "she's not my friennnnd!!!!.." lol

  6. Hey Marlo,

    SO excited to hear that you got to meet Kim with your friend Angie, especially after your early start :)

    Your photos are great and it looks like it was a really exciting event.

    If you want to see some more photos from the event and to keep up-to-date with Kim's movements during her Australian trip, keep checking for updates.

    I hope the early start was worth it Marlo - it looks like it was :)


    Scott Drummond, Online Community Manager, Optus

  7. THIS IS AMAZING! im seeing her in brisbane :) so excited!! you are so lucky. im going to get there at like 5.. not even joking haha :)

  8. she looks like a barbie doll! a very pretty one. and you look adorable. and she specifically requested you! i am jealous!! how did her boobs look?

  9. She does look like a pretty Barbie- she's so perfect looking.

    I didn't really notice her boobs, she was pretty covered up. I noticed how skinny her legs were, though. They look bigger (in a toned, Beyonce way) on TV/photos

  10. I love her makeup! She looks so pretty and so do you!

    I love how you have rocked the big bow look!

  11. how cool !!!
    so glad you got in in the end.
    i would of been so pissed off if i was in your situation.
    cant believe that cray cray that pushed in with your friend!!!
    it sounds like Kim is super nice. I'm glad to hear it.

  12. It sounded like you were very composed in a situation I would have gone postal in.. and I mean I would have employed some karate death chops to the strange linking arms girl.
    I think you look amazing in your pics too, im glad it worked out for you.. and your hero met your expectations too which is awesome. She sounds adorable.

    p.s I agree with Lola..'she's not my friennnd!' funniest thing i've read haha :)

  13. omg, i love this! i am such a huge fan of her, you're so lucky.


  14. I'm so happy for you. The biznitch that took your place sounds nutty. You look gorgeous too, the bow - perfection. ♥

  15. wow!! really good story I was sitting on my screen enthralled! so glad you got to meet her and you still look gorgeous!!

  16. you know what the best part about this is? that you look better than she does. maybe i'm biased because i love blondes. but seriously. gorgzies.


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