Friday, April 16, 2010

Lydia Jewels on tour with Kelly Clarkson

In some very exciting local news, American Idol superstar Kelly Clarkson has requested one of my favourite Aussie designers, Lydia Jewels to help complete her look on her Australian tour beginning tomorrow night!

Already spotted on stars such as our own Jessica Mauboy, Melanie Griffiths' daughter, Dakota Johnson and Underbelly's Cheree Cassidy, a selection of Lydia Jewels  have been requested by Kelly to wear in a series of concerts in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Let's hope that the pieces she requested are all she ever wanted because her life would suck without them.

Here's what Kelly has requested and might have on tomorrow night

Ashleigh earrings- AU$60

Rebekah, Rose and Salina bracelets- AU$130 (for set of three)

Jodie Earrings- AU$156

Mackenzie Tinkerbell Necklace- AU$88

Scarlet Charm Necklace- AU$178

Laurence Necklace- AU$50

I'm sensing a strong black, orange and purple theme. I like it. Crossing my fingers and toes that Kelly will use some Aussie designers while she's here. It's always nice when big celebrities embrace our local talent.

I've noticed in the past Kelly Clarkson has worn lots of dangly, big earrings so I think these would suit her perfectly.

Someone else who loves a bit of dangly ear candy is Delta Goodrem who is apparently another fan of Lydia Jewels. She has gone off to LA today with a swag of Lydia Jewels in tow. Being a collector of Lydia pieces it's always awesome when your fave celebs start wearing what you're wearing!

To get your hands on some Lydia Jewels before the celebrities of the world get them all first, head to to buy online or see their list of stockists.

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