Wednesday, April 14, 2010

National Compliments Day

Thursday the 16th of April is National Compliments Day- an initiative started by Girlfriend magazine where basically, people 'pay it foward' and give out compliments to their friends, family or strangers in order to promote a happy and positive vibe amongst everyone.

I LOVE this idea. Although there is another National Compliments Day (January 24th) already, it was started in 1998 and I'd say the majority of Girlfriend readers weren't born then so what's the problem in having two of them?! Spread the love, peeps.

When I used to work in retail I picked up the confidence to just go up to random people and tell them I loved their dress/bag/shoes/hair colour etc. I was never one of those people who would lie and say stuff just because our training manual said so, and like my apologies, my compliments are always 100% genuine.

National Compliments day 2010 is run in conjunction with Headspace- a website and organisation that focuses on Mental Health issues and adolescents and also this year clothing chain Supre have come on board to help raise funds for this important plight.

Supre are selling much-coveted oversized t-shirts designed by Girlfriend reader, Brigitte Duckworth. The cute tee features a smiley face made up of lots of complimentary words and phrases, with 'A smile says a thousand words' beneath it. It's only $25 and $2 from every sale goes towards Headspace.
Oversized t-shirts are great because they're transeasonal, comfy and can be layered so easily. Also, they suit everyone!

Grab yours at Supre stores or on their website here. They come in size XXS-L and come in white and peach.

And don't forget to spend your Friday spreading the cheer! What harm can come from telling someone they look pretty or you like the way they're dressed? My theory is- and sorry it's a little morbid- but you never know when someone might be feeling so invisible they're on their way home to kill could change someone's life, or save it, just by noticing them. I know it seems far-fetched but like I said- it can't hurt.

For more information take a look at Headspace, Girlfriend or Supre
Picture from Headspace


  1. God I hate retail when they tell you to just lie and compliment people anyways. I hate false sales assistants!

    Headspace is an awesome organisation xxx

  2. Nice idea, I noticed the shirts at Supre the other day, but didn't see what they were promoting.

    You'd probably love Operation Beautiful too - all about anonymously leaving messages on post its in public places to boost self esteem of strangers. I love it!

  3. hehe spread the loove!!♥ and agree VW accessories are way gorgeous xx


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