Saturday, April 17, 2010

Someone with sexy legs...




I think you can tell by my pictures that my legs aren't my greatest asset, but I freakin' love these leggings. They created a stir when they were previewed at the David Jones Winter showings and I've been on the lookout since.

In the meantime, they were worn by Cheryl Cole in that ridiculous excuse for a 'song' Three Words' video clip and it made me want them even more.

Seriously, I would love to wear the Sass & Bide body suit and leggings out with just a pair of black pumps and futuristic hair. Incredible.

Here they are modelled by the stunningly beautiful Annika Kaban (on and they look absolutely gorgeous on her.

Described on Aussie super e-boutique, My Catwalk, as being exclusive, hand embellished, comfortable and detailed; I personlly think these are going to follow in the footsteps of previous iconic Sass & Bide leggings- Black Rats, but with a whole lot more flair.

The ever popular Black Rats

So, who has long, toned legs and a spare $890 to buy these puppies? Let me live vicariously through you!

Sass & Bide 'The Bullet' leggings available through for AU$890.


  1. They are really cute but oh so pricey!

    And you have nice legs...what are you talking about!

  2. i'm so confused- your legs are definately a stand out feature!!??!

  3. Hello

    Thank you for the message of support following the awful incident I had in a store yesterday. The kind words from friends and strangers was amazing.

    The woman who feared that whatever was on my face would ruin her clothes was small minded, discriminatory and rude. But she has also managed to remind me that there are so many people in this world that are compassionate and open minded, and in support of the challenges I have with my chronic illness.

    I hope that my blog, and your support, can make people think twice about the prejudices they may have towards people with chronic illnesses and disabilities, and also make them think twice about opening their mouth and saying something hurtful.

    I feel pretty crappy today, it's hard to be resilient all the time, but I know that I will feel better soon.

    Thank you again, you really brightened my day.


  4. Love love LOVE those, if only they didn't have the zero on the end!! hahaha


  5. Omg aren't these TDF! If I had the legs (and the $$$) would snap them up. What statement leggings


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