Friday, May 28, 2010

Do you believe in Magic?

You may have noticed I haven't blogged in over a week! Eep, sorry Guys and Dolls, I've just been so sick with the flu, an ear infection and MASSIVELY STRESSED.

I've been freaking out about exams harder than I ever have before in my life.

I think this is based on the fact that my subjects are not difficult at all and this makes it extremely tedious to 'study' them. I don't know about you, but I like a challenge, and I would prefer something that I struggle to get through and end up feeling clever-er (ha!) upon completion than dragging myself through something boring and completely unmotivating.

The worst part is, for one particular subject, the content comes quite naturally to me. I completed post graduate studies in this area overseas already, but it isn't recognised by my uni so I need to do it as an undergrad subject here. However, knowing the stuff that we're learning doesn't make a difference as the way the subject is structured is outrageous.

The lecturer is distinctly interested in Aboriginal relations. I am too, but the difference is that while I feel as a country we have something of a moral and social obligation to fix the crap our ancestors did, this lecturer has these ideals which are just plain patronising.

ANYWAY, I digress! I won't bore you with a passionate and lengthy essay on my feelings about all that.

Another thing that is stressing me out is my basketball team. I say 'my' because the way I've been acting (or should it be reacting?) I may as well be financially invested in them.
We, the Orlando Magic, were about to be knocked out of permiereship contention and were down 3-0 with the whole world against us. We managed to win the next game to keep us in the comp, and then another one. Two more uncontested wins and we will be in the final against either the Phoenix Suns or the LA Lakers.

Since the Magic weren't playing to well at this important time of the season, I'd been too embarrassed to sport (no pun intended) my Magic Jersey Dress.
The NBA have this really clever idea of actually selling a line of merchandise geared towards women. Instead of regular jerseys and tees, girls can get dresses, hoodies, shorts, tracksuits- pretty much everything- designed with our boobs and hips in mind. Killer.

It's definitely something other leagues need to look into. I've got a Roosters hoody which is from the girls' line, but it's not that cute. My Swans jacket is probably the most unflattering thing I've ever seen. It makes me look at least 600kg heavier than I am, but it's warm.

I haven't been there myself, but I've been told the NBA store in New York has half of one of their huge floors dedicated to merchandise for girls, but you can buy it online too.

I bought this dress, which is actually based on a throwback jersey. The guy whose number it is doesn't play for Magic anymore but 1 is a pretty ambiguous number I suppose. Some may say it's the loneliest number. Whatever.

Ideally I wouldn't wear it like this. It looks banging on it's own with some black strappy heels and a tan. Unfortunately being in bed most of the day means I am pale and it's also not really the weather to be wearing something so skimpy.

The leggings I'm wearing under it I am completely obsessed by. They're from Supre and were marked at $50, but came to $35 when I paid. Bargain! As you've probably seen, in Winter I wear alot of long tops, tight pants tucked into boots and lots of layers.

I was always wearing the same pants from Lounge Apparel, and thought it was time to get something else. I'm not really a 'leggings-as-pants' type of girl, but under long things I don't mind.
I love the ribbing on the knees/thighs and the fact that these leggings are really long. It adds a bit of texture and a point of difference if I'm layering quite plain items and makes it easy to tuck them into boots without them riding up and being irritating.

I didn't take a bag today as I couldn't be bothered, was only going to the city to get mum's belated Mother's day pressie with her. I bought her a gift voucher from Louis Vuitton to give to her on the day because she is so damn picky, and she got some gorgeous monogram sandals.

They're pretty ostentatious actually, but it's all a bit of fun. The style is called 'Be Happy!' Here they are:

So below are some pics of my outfit, my dog kept running in the pictures, I cannot stop laughing at the one where her eyes are red and she's all up in the camera. She looks positively demonic and terrifying! Not a thing like the cuddly baby I know and love.

Dress- NBA For Her
Leggings- Supre
Leather Hoody- No name brand
Cardigan- Bardot
Boots- Robert Clergerie
Sunglasses- Louis Vuitton


  1. aw in the second pic ur dog looks like an evil dog with the red eyes but at the same time soooo cuuute im such a sucker for doggies!! nice outfitt loving boots this season! x

  2. I saw this pic of Lauren Conrad
    and immediately thought of you!

  3. I LOVE your boots!!


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