Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fashion Weekend Sydney

This afternoon I went to check out Fashion Weekend at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park.
I hadn't attended one before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

When I arrived there was a lineup which was hurried through quite quickly. Once inside it's a woman's dream with dresses, shoes, bags, necklaces, jackets, hats and tops EVERYWHERE. They are, of course, set out in the most orderly fashion for maximum shopping pleasure.

I had a few stalls in mind which I wanted to scope out first, so I headed to those quickly with the use of the map I was given at the front door.

There were already loads of girls trying things on and waiting at the tills to buy! I'm lagging behind, oh noes!

I wasn't really looking for anything for myself, to be honest. If anything, I need Winter clothes and most of the clothing stock is summer. If you're heading on hols to the Northern Hemisphere in the next coming months, it would be really awesome to check out because you would find heaps of decent things to take away with you at such a low price point.

Some of the best bargains I saw were:

Camilla- Pieces starting from $99 (for little tops and things) up to $700 for the fur vests which retail for over $1000 in store.
Lydia Jewels- Nothing over $60. gorgeous studs for $15, iphone covers for $20, loads of pieces which would be nice to even put away as gifsts.
Tulula Valu- Really cute, different shoes for $60. Bright little pumps with embellishments like skulls and crowns.
Maurie and Eve- who had heaps of sexy pieces from as little as $30. They may have even had cheaper pricepoints, but this was the lowest I saw on a bustier dress.

Unfortunately I was on a schedule and missed out on alot of the stalls. I really wanted to check out Lucette, Ellery and Therese Rawsthorne but I simply didn't have time.

One thing I will suggest is that if you're contempating going, but need that little extra push, check out these beauty bargains:

Toni & Guy blowdry- $10 (or free if you spend $750+)
Dermalogica face mapping- complimentary
NP Set makeover- $35 (redeemable with product)
Essie manicure- $20 including free bottle of nail polish

So really, for $65 you can get your hair, makeup and nails done, PLUS you get to take home makeup and nail polish. It's worth the $20 entry fee alone to go in and get all that done before you go out tomorrow or Sunday night. Seriously.
I had my hair blowdried (bit of volume, curls at the bottom) and normally my hair drops straight away- but It's still in and I've had a scarf rubbing against it too. Those girls are damn good.

There are also $20 mini-styling sessions with the peeps at CHIC in the city and free fashion clinics from the team at Shop Til You Drop on makeup, Winter fashion and a designer interview.

If that all gets too much for you, head to the Tempus Two wine bar for a glass or two and relax. It really was quite serene sitting there on nice chairs with quaint little vases of flowers on each table. Aawww.
The cafe was really decent too actually. They had 'cafe' type food like sammiches etc, but also Beef salad, soup, uumm I forgot what else- I tend to lose my mind when I see food- but basically what I'm trying to say is that there is actual edible food there so do not stress.

Like I said, I haven't been before, so I can't compare- but if previous years' Fashion Weekends were as good as this, then I can't imagine just how incredible they were.

Tickets can be purchased on the door or by clicking here and start at $20 for basic Fashion Weekend Entry.

Has anyone else gone, or are you going? What did you think?


  1. I went last year. We had a good time. It's not something I would do again this year. It was quite busy when I went and so I lost interest in the stalls and just watched the fashion show. The fashion show was good but i wasn't excited about the models. They were pretty bad and we spent the whole show holding back laughs at this particular model who had the most ridiculous walk. I'm not sure how much I paid. I think it was extra to see the show. Overall it's worth checking it out and it's a fun night out with the girls.

  2. I've been wanting to go for the past few years but with commitments always falling in or near or between these dates, I haven't had the chance yet!! :( A fashionista's dream...
    But if they had heaps of summer stock here, then does that mean I should go to the May event instead of the September/October (if I remember correctly) event? Because I wanted to go get summer frocks, not winter stuff and the May event is tooted as the winter event...?

  3. Ooh Im going tomorrow, looking forward to it! Hope there will be some good winter bargains!

  4. Cool, i like reading ur blog.
    Keep up the good work girl ;)


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