Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ksubi SS10/11 at RAFW

The final show for this year's Australian Fashion Week was Ksubi, who have only shown at Fashion Week sporadically in their ten year existence.
Pre-show, early arriving guests could see Justice Single, (the coolest three-and-a-half year old in the world and son of super stylist/mega babe, Pip Edwards and Ksubi founder, Dan Single) running laps around the circular 'catwalk'. I wondered if this would perhaps be the highlight of the hugely anticipated return to Fashion Week after what has been a tumultuous couple of months for the boys.

It wasn't.

The show began with black and white footage reminiscent of Japanese horror film The Ring playing on giant screens throughout the Royal Hall of Industries at Moore Park. Incomprehensible phrases (or was it just my tipsy haze?) were made up from banners held up to the camera and then the lights dimmed. 

Cut-out trucker hats (which reminded me of Jelly moulds) sat atop poker-straight hair which was probably the only real shock to me. I love me some GHD straight locks (The Ksubi straightening was done using Cloud Nine straighteners), but it's not typically Ksubi, is it?

The collection included sexy mesh and panelled body suits, extremely short shorts, the usual array of ripped jeans, baggy tees and jumpers and plenty of double denim. The latter frightens me somewhat, it's certainly not my style, but I saw a few people working this look in the crowd last night so it is do-able.

I heard a few people saying it wasn't really a big jump from the usual Ksubi offerings and that the show was lacking something special, but for me Ksubi already have a winning formula and would be silly to change that. Perhaps people are expecting them to have evolved further than what they have over ten years? I think it is important to remember, however that they are essentially a denim and streetwear label, and while they continue to do that well, it is fairly unnecessary to alter their style to drastically.

There were differences from previous collections, going a little bit back to the ol' Tsubi (Yes, that's with a 'T') days of yore when peacocks emblazoned distressed denim and tartan patches were sewn into frayed knees, with pretty Chanel-esque quilting on shorts and up the sleeves of denim jackets.

There was also a subtle rat theme, albeit printed on clothes rather than running up and down the catwalk, the appearance of wishy-washy fluro colours and plenty of white and washed out denim.
The collection screamed LA brat pack and will be a huge hit with the usual set in Australia. The pale washes of the jeans will look incredible paired with some of the pastels from the Dion Lee collection which just showed at RAFW to rave reviews.

I'm so pleased I got to go to this show, while it was very safe, it had all the usual Ksubi quirks and was an easily wearable and marketable collection.

I hope it does really well for the brand, I'll definitely be picking up a few pieces when they hit stores around September.

Here's some pics of the show, they're pretty bad, but I'm sure you're not used to anything but terrible photos from me by now.

This photo made me lol, she looks like a skeleton (not in real life, obviously.)

Vague vision of the cut away trucker hats

Fierce wedges

Footage of the circular runway on the screen

Prior to the Ksubi show I was at the Rosemount bar on site at Circular Quay, I saw one of my favourite models Alyssa Sutherland. Ooooooooooooooh my gosh, I love her so much! She was standing right near me and I'm pretty sure I was just staring at her like a creep; but she is so stunning I couldn't help it. Soz, Alyssa.

This picture depicts almost the amount of booze I drank last night

For once I didn't act like a dork and ask for a photo. Good thing, too...probably not the smartest move to have a photo with a supermodel.

I didn't take any outfit pics, I was in too much of a hurry to get out the door and after a big night of drinking (the Ksubi afterparty was at the recently-opened Flinders Hotel) I only managed to roll home in the early hours of the morn. Oops. I'm quite sure, though, that I was the sole person wearing colour at the Ksubi show. It seemed like everyone had black and white on!

So that's it for Fashion Week for another year, who were your favourite shows?

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