Sunday, May 2, 2010

Logies fashion 2010

Tonight was the 2010 TV Week Logie awards held at Crown Towers, Melbourne.
For my overseas readers, the Logies are like Australia's version of the Emmys. No offence intended to the Emmys, of course.
I'm not going to lie, I actually really enjoy watching it every year despite it being fairly cheesy and often disastrous.
The red carpet fashions are always exciting as in the past there have been some major misses and few hits. This year everyone seems to think there hasn't been too much talent, but I beg to differ.
 Judging by some of the opinions I've already read, I'm alone in thinking that my 'bests' really are best dressed, but hey- each to their own, right?

Natalie Bassingthwaite (J'aton)

I love this on Nat. She rarely gets it wrong in my eyes, but I think this looks especially gorgeous on her. It's so flattering on her baby bump and the colour is perfect for her skintone. It's quite hard to get grey right, especially in silks and 'evening gown' fabrics, but this particular shade with the nude underlaying portrays such a subtle glamour.
Now I know people are really hating the hair- well, Nat, you've got a fan in me. I LOVE big hair. in fact, for my 18th birthday all I wanted was a case of hairspray. You'll often see me out and about sporting a bouffant hairstyle. 
Big hair isn't just a 'do- it's a way of life. You need to own it. And you certainly do, Bassingthwaite.

Erin McNaught (Bowie)

You may remember I attended the Bowie AW10 launch a few weeks back (link here) where we were treated to the new collection of gothic, yet ethereal pieces by Bowie Wong. Erin McNaught is wearing one of these pieces and looking ravishing. It's so simple but fun and sexy at the same time. And while it's a very timeless style, I love how it's an edgy adaptation of a classic.
My favourite part, and of course the most obvious feature, is the tutu style adornment on the top. This style is flattering as it enhances the bust which often gets lost or...misshapen in strapless dresses, and also accentuates hips and emphasises a teeny waist. The length of the gown enhances a lean figure and diverts eyes to the bits you want people looking at.
I love frou frou and ruffles, and this is done exceptionally. WIN.

Brynne Edelsten

I'm not sure who her dress is by, but let's be honest, I don't think anyone will be trying to track it down. However, despite it being a miss, I love her for just wearing what she wants. Poor Brynne copped so much flack for that dress she wore to the Brownlows that she must have known everyone was going to be waiting to see what kind of a...number she'd present herself in, but she still came in something that's obviously comfy and fun for her and makes her feel good.
I think she's adorable and hey, at least it's flattering!

Camille Keenan

Love the dress, hate the little black bow thing tied around her neck. Combined with the hair, it's all a little bit saloon for me. But from the neck down, I think she looks divine. Such a great choice for red carpet wear. I thnk Camille is a bit of a fan of nude/muted tones as she seems to wear them often. But you know what they say- if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Claudia Karvan

Claudia mixes it up a bit in a 1940's inspired Marlene Deitrich type suit. I like the idea, but it's a bit hard to know where to look. She seems to be almost popping out. I'm a big fan of the gloves. I'm quite partial a bit of glove action myself.
Good on her for putting on a show and bucking against the trend.

Esther Anderson

Esther Anderson kind of just popped up from nowhere. I don't watch Home and Away, admittedly, but so far on the red carpet I haven't seen her put a foot wrong. Obviously to wear this, you need to be a stick. Pale pink jersey isn't very forgiving, but she rocks it well. I love the Grecian style, with draping and rouching in just the right spots without taking away from the overall look and the colour itself is a nice (and fairly daring) change from what we're used to. The simple cuff looks exquisite and I commend her for not going overboard because often you see jewellery stacked on stupidly. Amazing hair and makeup top off this look to make it- easily, one of the best of the night.

Georgie Parker (Katies)

Again, for those of my readers who are in countries other than Australia, Katies is a chain-store which sells affordable basics and key trend pieces for a large range of sizes. Georgie Parker is the face of the image and tonight she is wearing a $99 dress from her capsule collection for the brand.
Her decision to wear this dress has been somewhat controversial, but I really like it.
It's flattering, age appropriate, the colour stands out and her hair, makeup and accessories match perfectly.
It's refreshing to see Georgie advocating for women on a budget, or those who don't like spending alot of money on clothes that you can be thrifty and still look great without spending alot of money.

This is just a gratuitous shot of my number one crush, Glenn McGrath (ooh aah). He is the ultimate man. And how beautiful is his new missus, Sara Leonardi?

Jessica Marais (J'aton)

This girl is really coming into her own. I absolutely despise the way she is styled on Packed to the Rafters, but last year's Logies and this year are shining examples of what a truly stunning woman she is. You can see the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that the boys at J'aton put into their designs because the bodice hugs her curves so superbly.
I look forward to seeing more of Jessica's red carpet fashions in the future.

Ruby Rose (Toni Maticevski)

OK, I'm not a fan of Ruby Rose in general. She just doesn't do it for me. I'm loving this dress, though and I'd like to point out I'm especially loving it in the first picture.
Tattoos aren't my style. I don't care if other people have them, but it's not something I'd do. Honestly, I feel Ruby's sleeve always tends to ruin what she wears on the red carpet. It's a shame because she's got such a great face and healthy body- everything could look so much better on her.
So I'll just look at the top picture and pretend those tats are not there.

Kerri-Anne Kennerly (Alex Perry)

Another gratuitous pic for the lady who entertains me every morning. I adore KAK and I'm so upset she hasn't won that coveted Gold Logie yet. Why is this so? What has she done to piss off the people at TV Week? Just give it to her already! GOSH!
As for the dress, I can't say I'm a fan of the colour, but I like the style on her. And c'mon, she's almost 57 and still looks like that....phwoar!

Kat Stewart

I really dislike this. The colour is so drab. Completely washes her out. The nude netting which was tipped by international fashion mags after all the major fashion weeks to be 'the next big trend' is so not working for her and makes it look like the bed sheet she draped around herself has fallen off one shoulder slightly.
This dress is not flattering. The colour is not nice. The accessorising is off. This is just a no. A big no no no no no. I'm sorry.

Livina Nixon (Aldo Terlato)

Livinia took out the Myer Best Dressed title which was voted by home viewers. I think it's very deserving. I haven't heard of the designer before, but it's such a re carpet worthy dress. Livinia usually looks sublime, she's no stranger to a gown after a stint on Sale of the Century/Temptation and there's absolutely no way you can fault her look. Just gorgeous and something she will never regret wearing in years to come.

Matt Preston is a man after my own heart. I didn't think I could love him anymore and then he goes and wears a velvet suit. Mmmm a man in velvet. It's so dapper and it's nice to see guys shake it up a bit as otherwise it's just a blue of same'ol suits.

Nikki Phillips (Lisa Ho)

Um, do I even need to explain why I like this? Nikki would have to try to look bad, and even then I doubt she'd succeed. Look at that face, that figure, that complexion. She didn't even need a stunning design by Lisa Ho, she could've worn a garbage bag and still looked this fantastic.

I'm full of gratuitous pics tonight. Rhonda Burchmore is fabulous! Legs 11! She gets better with age! Damn her!

I'm not normally a fan of Sigrid Thornton, I can't even pinpoint it, there's just something...not.quite.right. But, I wanted to give her an honorable mention for smiling! Normally she pouts like woah and it's great to see a softer side. Also her skin is so dewy I thought it would be a nice addition to the page.
As for the dress, I think it's a tad inappropriate for the red carpet, no?

So what were your favourite looks? Did you watch the ceremony? What did you think?

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  1. Natalie's hair was appalling, too young for her and just ghastly. The dress wasn't great for her colour wise but at least it was classy. The hair sticking up and the headband (what the!?) totally clashed with it. It was a Lisa McCune moment she'll regret I'm afraid. Such a shame for a great looking girl glowing with her imprending motherhood.

  2. Loved Nat's dress and the hair I also liked, (i too love a bit of a bouffant!) but I dunno if I like it with that dress. Oh well props to her for taking a risk! LOVE LOVE LOVE jess marais, the whole look is gorgeous. that girl is going places!

  3. I agree with most of your comments. I also love big hair but Natalie's looked more like a mess and being pregnant didn't help. She should've went for a more subtle look. I thought Brynne's dress was silly but at least it was cut well. Which is more than I can say for Kat Stewarts number. How could the designer send her out looking like that? The netting was too big and so it looked like old skin. This was the worst of all I think. Claudia Karvan's suit was beautiful. I liked what she attempted here. Why is it that women think that they have to show their boobs to be noticed? A simple beaded camisole under this suit would've been spectacular. I loved the fact she went for the pale skin look as opposed to the Esther Anderson fake fake fake tan look. Too much fake tan = grose!

  4. i loved lee furlong's dress but cant find ANY pics of it

  5. i feel i can see KAKs spanx line through her pale blue silky creation.
    i like kak too.
    she brings the glamour every day.
    i love that she wears amazing shoes too.
    i think i want to buy her book.
    she'd have some good stories to share.

  6. sigrids issue is that shes 'mutton dressed as lamb' completely inappropriate for the night. she looks like she belongs in a club, not the red carpet...

    i like goergie's dress. nothing wrong with a bit of thrift and being money wise?

    nikki phillips looked like a giant maccas coffee, way too 'blendy inny'..

    i really really didnt like erin mcnaught dress, sorry.. i cant even find words for it..

    your blog though, is fantastic! thankyou for sharing it with the world.

  7. great post. agree about ruby, i think her tats took away from the dress.
    ps love the blog, am going to follow


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