Monday, May 3, 2010

Lucette SS10/11 show + Lydia Jewels at Emerge

This afternoon I attended the Lucette show at the Cargo Theatre as part of the 15th Australian Fashion Week.

I was so excited about this show as Lucette are known for their edgy but still very feminine designs. They make the kind of clothing that empowers women; making them look sexy but still extremely strong at the same time.

Because I am an absolute idiot, I forgot to delete some images off my camera, and I couldn't get any pics of the show. I guess in some ways this is lucky because a) I make a terrible photographer b) My camera doesn't take nice pics anyway c) I was two rows back so it would have been a bunch of heads with tops of outfits instead of full body shots.

Given how incredible the show was, however, I'm sure you will be able to find pictures very easily.

UPDATE: I have a couple of great pictures from which give a clear example of the kind of clothing which was presented yesterday. You can see in the first picture a khaki vest which has alot of body to it, giving a tough look, which is something to be pared back with a pretty dress. You will also notice the leather harness over the bikini which is something that is versatile as it can be worn much like a vest in creating a whole different look for an outfit you want to recycle.
The second picture shows an example of the printed jersey tops and tunics in the collection. The blue design depicted here was also emulated in monochromatic tones in the show.
The pics also show the insanely hot hair and makeup. I'm such a bandit for a quiff- and this hair story was called 'cyberbilly'. If I were to (attempt to) recreate this look at home, I would probably do a thick, textured plait instead of the half-up half-down look, but that's because I have very fine hair and it wouldn't sit right.

The program was scattered with words such as Tribal, Twilight, Gothic, Future and Army and it's easy to create an image of the collection from these descriptions.

Yokes, Harnesses, Bras and Bustiers all featured a strong domitrix theme, generally embellished with alot of silver metal to give it a futuristic feel.
Dresses and tops were pretty and flowy but were balanced out well with leather features on the shoulders and bust.
Superb attention to detail saw pants, shorts, jumpsuits and leggings all grabbing our attention- in particular a pair of leather pants that I am pretty sure were made for me. They have a thick elastic waist band with various panelling sewed together with gaping structure over the knees. I'm addicted to leather pants and pleats and folds and when you put the two together it's a match made in heaven.

Aside from the leather pants, the stand out pieces for me were the tshirts with sharp leather shoulders (nice to see this trend isn't going anywhere), Monochramatic printed tunics and draped, relaxed cargo pants which have sent Twitter and Facebook into a spin.

I'm calling it now- Lucette is the new Sass and Bide.

Guests including Susie Bubble (who looked divine in Vivienne Westwood for Melissa wedges) and Donny Galella (who was rocking a fabulous Khaki jacket with elaborate chain detail) watched the show which was set to music by La Roux and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs remixed by DJ Graz.

Lucette is stocked in boutiques across Australia. For stockists and more information please visit

As for my outfit... 

Shirt- Sussan
Jacket- Review (can you tell I love it? I live in it!)
Skirt- Wheels and Dollbaby
Shoes- Fendi
Bag- Chanel
Brooch- Louis Vuitton
Necklace- Tiffany and Co.

After the Lucette Show I went to check out Emerge in the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Emerge is a concept which allows accessories labels to show during Fashion Week. One of my favourite jewellery brands, Lydia Jewels was showing so I popped in for a look.

oohhhh so much pretty! How stunning is that elaborate crystal and jewel necklace? If you'reon site at all this week make sure you head to Emerge to see some of the brands on offer. There are lots of shoe and bag designers too.

So who else is off to RAFW this week? What will you be seeing? I'm tired already and I was on there for a few hours! How will you cope?


  1. red lippy really suits you.

  2. Thankyou, ladies!

    I always get a bit of a shock when I wear bright lipstick! I normally stick to pale or frosted pinks or pale orange so I always wonder how the red will go. I think I like it, it just takes me time to get used to it hehe.

  3. I absolutely love the little LV bear broach! you are so cute!

  4. Great outfit, agree that the red lips look hot! Love the poodle too!

  5. Hi there! you look fantastic and.. your doggy is so cute! I want one !

    I also love LV brooches! I have 2 but want more..I think i'm addicted.. actually I love all pretty broochs haha!

    - KK


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