Thursday, May 13, 2010

The only high school reunion I'll be attending...

I cannot even begin to describe the bond that my High School French class shared. While we all studied the language throughout high school, we were the last remaining ten by the time year 11 & 12 came around. And so we became the infamous French Continuers class who not only shared a secret (from the rest of the year) language, but a sacred sisterhood that couldn't be broken...OH MY GOSH I'm tearing up!

No, we're not really that corny, but these girls are some of the most gorgeous, intelligent, generous and hilarious people I know. Since it had been 5 years since we had been together as a group, we decided it was high time we had a dinner date to reminisce and catch up.

Our old haunt was Sel et Poivre which is on Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, so it was fitting that we reunited there.
Sel et Poivre is important to us first and foremost it was the closest, nice and student friendly French place in the vicinity of our school, we spent plenty of times there wagging school on excursions and there are so many lolz moments like the owner who is a dead-ringer for Rod Stewart going off for a cycle in his bicycle shorts. Do you think he looks like Rod Stewart? Decide for yourself...

Tonight, I finally got to indulge in my favourite food again. Escargot, delicious, slimy, chewy snails. Obviously it's not one of those things I can just buy anywhere and I don't think I've ever had bad snails, but everything is so much better in the company of great friends; so they're definitely up there as some of the best I've had. (And only $9.90 for 1/2 dozen or $16.90 for 1 dozen) I'm quite sure that this flu (well, maybe it's just a cold) I've had for a while now is a million times better after some glorious garlic butter!

Myself with Gabby who is the next Donna Hay and Maggie Beer combined. Watch out.

I pretty much didn't stop laughing the whole night. We talked about school, bitched about teachers, laughed at the ridiculous times had by some of us who went to France together (like when we convinced ourselves that there was a man in our shower and we got a fireman to bust in there to catch him....only to find absolutely nothing at all) and then they all wanted to be on my blog!

I thought it would be a good time to get some outfit pics, so I'm laughing in most of them because it was strange 'posing' in front of people who crack me up.

Shirt- Cue
Dress- Lipsy
Coat- Burberry
Stockings- Alannah Hill
Boots- Robert Clergerie
Bag- Vivienne Westwood
Choker (worn as a headband)- Diva
Necklaces- Vivienne Westwood and Tiffany & Co.

I had such a fun night tonight, it was so good to be back in contact, especially as a group. Love my girls xx

How great is it to have Winter back again? I'm loving the cool. Despite this cold, it's nice to be rugging up and layering.


  1. Photos by Le Monde xx

    haha. such a fab night - love that we could all be together again!! hope there are many more fun french class times to come.

  2. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  3. OMG you look soooo goodddddddddddddd
    That coat is to DIE for!!!!
    Ms S xx


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