Monday, May 17, 2010

SKKY Vodka Sex and The City 2 glamour sessions

With the countdown on until the next installment of Sex and The City is released SKKY Vodka are getting us in the spirit with some glamour sessions taking place around Australia.

You may remember I posted the recipes for some SATC inspired cocktails named after Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and Big and in selected venues in your capital city, these will be available on your next night out.

As well as the long drinks being on offer, you will notice girls wearing Carrie Bradshaw inspired full skirts and singlets branded with the slogan "I'm a SKKY Vodka Glamorous Girl". They will be on hand to perform free 2-minute makeup touch up session including powder, bronzer, blush, eye-shadow and/or lips which is handy if you've had a few of your fave SATC long drinks or you simply want to feel that extra bit pretty.

For the closest glamour session to you, have a look at your corresponding city below.

Have fun!


Miranda Hotel 590 The Kingsway, Miranda
21st May 8-11pm
4th June 8-11pm

Rocksia Hotel 299 Princess Highway, Arncliffe
28th May 8-11pm
29th May 8-11pm

The Loft King Street Wharf, Sydney
28th May 3-6pm
5th June 3-6pm

The Cremorne Hotel 305 Military Road, Cremorne
4th June 10:30pm- 1:30am

The Mean Fiddler Cnr Commercial & Windsor Roads, Rouse Hill
3rd June 9-12pm
4th June 9-12pm
5th June 9-12pm

Manly Wharf Hotel East Esplanade, Manly
2nd June 7-10pm

The Mill 189 Beaconsfield street, Milperra
21st May 7-10pm
11th June 7-10pm


Cushion 99 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
30th May 7-10pm
6th June 7-10pm

FOG Restaurant 142 Greville street, Prahran
27th May 7-10pm
3rd June 7-10pm

Long Room George Building 162-168 Collins Street, Melbourne
28th May 6-9pm
4th June 6-9pm

Eve Bar Lower Level 334 City Road, Southbank
20th May 10pm-1am
3rd June 10pm- 1am

Spice Market Beaney Lane (Off Russell st.), Melbourne
5th June 9pm-midnight
19th June 9pm-midnight

Leftbank 1 Southbank Blvd, Southbank
5th June 8-11pm
12th June 8-11pm

Rah Bar 163 Toorak Road, South Yarra
22nd May 8-11pm
19th June 8-11pm


Belvedere Hotel Oxley Ave, Scotts Point
5th June 7-10pm
17th June 7-10pm

Emporium 1000 Ann st, Fortitude Valley
4th June 5:30-8:30pm

Wellington Hotel 391 Main road, Wellington Point
28th May 9pm-Midgnight
11th June 9pm-Midnight

Waxy's 3206 Surfer's Paradise Blvd, Surfer's Paradise
29th May 8-11pm
12th June 8-11pm

Caloundra RSL 19 West Terrace, Caloundra
29th May 7-10pm
11th June 7-10pm

Greenbank RSL 54 Anzac Av, Hillcrest
21st May 8-11pm
4th June 8-11pm

Sportsman Hotel 130 Leichhardt st, Spring Hill
13th June 7-10pm


Whale and Ale Hotel Cnr Ocean and Key Largo, Carine
21st May 9pm-midnight
4th June 9pm-midnight

Mt Henry Tavern 27 Manning Road, Como
20th May 8-11pm
3rd June 8-11pm

Tiger Lils 437 Murray Street, Perth
28th May 7-10pm
11th June 7-10pm

Mullaloo Beach Hotel 10 Oceanside Promenade, Mullaloo
30th May 6-9pm
13th June 6-9pm

Perth Town Hall Hay Street (Cnr Barrack Street), Perth
3rd June 9pm-Midnight
4th June 9pm- Midnight

The Wembley Hotel 344 Cambridge street, Wembley
21st May 8-11pm
28th May 8-11pm


S Bar Westfield Marion Shop 2502c, Oaklands Park
22nd May 8-11pm
12th June 8-11pm

Tea Tree Gully Hotel 1349 Northeast road, Tea Tree Gully
28th May 9pm-midnight
4th June 9pm-midnight

Glenelg Pier Hotel Pier, Glenelg
29th May 9pm- Midnight
5th June 9pm-Midnight

So who will be heading down to their local to get their delicious Sex and The City inspired SKKY long drinks and get those makeup touch ups from the gorgeous SKKY Vodka Glamourous girls?


  1. I used to check your blog religiously everyday for new updates however now I don't even bother. You have such an interesting writing voice that used to be lots of fun but lately have noticed that your posts are very monotonous= so much so that they read like advertisements. Your blog seems to have become centred so much more on promoting random brands that it has become a real bore.

    It is such a shame as this blog had so much potential.

    - Lucy

  2. Interesting, I don't feel like my format has changed at all.

    I've always talked about brands that I like as well as events I attend and outfit posts.

    Granted, I haven't been doing regular outfit posts as often since I, like most people this time of year, am sick- but apart from that I don't see how it has really changed.

    Thanks for your feedback, I hope you find something else you like then.

  3. wow this is so strange - may i ask where you got this information from? Is there a website? Im in Perth and the Mt Henry is the strangest venue to have a glamorous girls night? Although it is one of my favourite bars because of the laid back atmosphere i barely ever see girls there? I wonder why i haven't seen any advertising for this. I will go anyway and if theres no event ill get the $12 calamari and be satisfied :)

  4. Hey Bernice- sounds like my kind of place!
    I wouldnt try and get you to go somewhere for nothing hehe
    The information came from SKKY Vodka. You'll be able to try out the yummy SATC inspired cocktails too...not sure how they'll taste with Calamari, but let me know!


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