Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Fatal Attraction to Cuteness

I've had my eye on this adorable Peter Alexander nightie for a couple of weeks now and today I finally took the plunge.
Word of warning- if you're going to buy it, get it from the actual Peter Alexander boutiques, their online store or their mail order system. I originally wanted to purchase it from David Jones but they were selling it for $79.95 instead of the RRP of $59.00. They had even gone over the $59.00 tag with black marker and although you could still see the $59.00 price through the marker, they wouldn't budge on the price.

It's part of the Sleep and Day range which features pyjamas which are a little more wearable for daytime, and I interpret this as still being in my PJs at midday and going to collect the mail- moreso than actually wearing it out as a dress.

I was also looking for bed socks today too. I have the most adorable pair which are like little mary janes and were purchased at St Vincent's Hospital and I'm quite sure were crocheted by a 103 year old nun in the Hunter Valley*, but aside from that, my little tooties need some backups!
Shops are seriously lacking in this department right now. The best I could come up with were these hilarious Doona boots which are a rip off, cheapo version of some more superior and expensive ones I've seen elsewhere.
I bought my sexy, $12.00 versions from Target and while they came in a delicate powder-blue, heart print fabric, I opted for the purple shoe and bag print- They're sooooooooooo Carrie Bradshaw I JUST DIE.

*They were actually crocheted by the awesomely talented woman who delivers the food to the patients at St Vincent's Private. Apparently she also takes orders when she has a spare 2 minutes and can whip up a pair in those same 2 minutes. Unfortunately I've never come across her in all my stays at the Hospital.

When I got them home, I realised that they're kind of like oven mits.

Am I right?

Who picked up on the Fatal Attraction (to Cuteness) reference?

My baby darling Georgina had a big day today too, so I decided to tuck her into bed and read her her favourite story book, Who wants to be a Poodle I don't by Lauren Child.
I found this gorgeous book at Lesley McKay bookshop on Queen St, Woollahra. It's all about a pampered Poodle name Trixie Twinkle Toes who doesn't like being a poncy little Poodle, basically.
It suits Georgina really well as she looks divine but she's a bit of a rough-nut sometimes.

"Who wants a belly rub?!?"

Man, my bed looks small in those pics. Freakishly giant me makes a Queen look like a single. I wonder what NBA players sleep in?

What recent purchases have you made? Does anyone have any hints for other cute jamies for Winter?

Nightie- Peter Alexander
Robe- Peter Alexander
Boots- Alannah Hill
Socks- Sportsgirl
Bed Socks- Target

Sunday, June 6, 2010


How pathetic are the Roosters? No, seriously. They beat one of the greatest teams one week and lose to the worst the next.


So here's a quick outfit post for you anyway. Normally I despise girls who 'dress up' for the footy, wear heels and tonnes of makeup, but I was going out afterwards so I had an excuse.

I realised something funny with these pics once they were on my computer- My pants weren't pulled up high enough so they look like they have a really low crotch and that my hips are really high up.
I do have a long body and a seemingly large pelvis, but it's not really as weird looking as what's projected in the photos.

Also, creepily, my face is super-blurred, like in the movie The Ring and I didn't want that scary girl with the hair over the front of her face to come and kill you all in seven days so I just cropped them. Clever and considerate. I think in the last photo I was having a mini-tantrum too and I may have actually stamped my foot (which is why it's further forward). What a total brat!

I've showed a picture of the lace top I'm wearing underneath my leopard print one, not because I wanted to show you my stomach, but because I wanted to tell a story of how I found it.

I'd been looking for a lace, long sleeved, stretchy top for ages. I didn't mind if it had a high neck, but kind of liked the idea of it being 'skivvy'-like (despite hating skivvys themselves).
I could only ever find body suits or tops which were unsuitable, but I knew I had seen this type of thing in shops in Kings Cross which sell costumes and...stuff.

Obviously I spend alot of time in those types of stores buying Cat'o'Nine Tails, Ball Gags, Dildos and Latex, Crotchless-Underwear; so I know about these things.

KIDDING. I used to live in Potts Point. I have the shop fronts of Darlinghurst road forever etched in my mind. That's how I know about these things.

Turns out that strippers are quite partial to a bit of a lace number too. So I bought a dress like this one from Stripperwear.com except with long sleeves and a neck:

I must be taller than your average exotic dancer because it's really short on me. If I wore it as a dress, you'd easily be able to see my bum. Oh....wait.

Well, lucky for you lot I'm not employed by any strip clubs, so it just gets worn as an under piece during Winter.

Because it's not made of natural fibres, it's very warm and it matches all my Leather, Tartan/Plaid and Leopard print clothing prefectly.

The pants I'm wearing are my faaaaaaaaaaaavourites at the moment. It's such a shame they don't photograph well. In real life they're almost Oompa Loompa-ish. They're really tight around the ankles and calves and then puffy out the side of the hips (which I love- anything to make my hips and ass look bigger and I'm obsessed!) and quite baggy around the crotch and bum, but not so much that they're harem pants, just more like Jodhpurs.

What's the weirdest place you've found something you've been coveting for a long time?

Lace Top- From One of the Many Sex Shops on Darlinghurst Road
Leopard Top- Supre
Leather Jacket- No name brand
Pants- Alistair Trung
Shoes (which can't be seen)- Robert Clergerie
Bag- Vivienne Westwood

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To-do list. The post-exam edition.

In my last post I described my sheer anguish over Basketball and exams. The very next day my team bombed out and went down to the Boston Celtics meaning that they were out of the competition until next season.

This left me with only high levels of anxiety toward my upcoming exams. One took place today and I have another one on Thursday. Thank God for only doing a couple of subjects this semester!

So, because I'm half way through now, I've come to the stage of the semester where I need to start planning my off-time.

For those of you who haven't noticed, my name is Marlo. Hello, how are you? And everytime I meet someone new (particularly guys) they say "Daaaamnnnn you are beautiful!" wait, wait...no, they say "...Marlo, hey? Have you watched The Wire?"

This has been going on for a number of years now. For about as long as The Wire has been around (Weird, huh?). But I've decided that since I never have a clever answer to that question it's high time I sat myself down and watched the entire series.

I hear that this Marlo Stanfield character is 'powerful' and 'badass' so we obviously have alot in common. I'm looking forward to it.

Other things I need to do include celebrating my 23rd Birthday! Yay! Growing old! Oh, who am I kidding, I'm still a bubba. I have the chubby cheeks to prove it.
I'm not entirely certain what I'll be doing for my birthday yet. If you have any suggestions, let me know. It falls on a weekday so I think I'll spend the day on my own crying going to the beautician, movies, lunch or whatever while all my friends are at Uni and/or work and wait until the weekend to celebrate properly.

I also don't have a Birthday Outfit planned yet. Being a Winter baby has it's downsides, like everyone is in Europe so they can't come to your party, it's always raining/cold so people never want to have a big night, it's too cold to wear anything except sixteen layers of coats.
But for all the negatives, there are stacks of positives to having a birthday in the colder months like...uummm. You can..no...uumm. OK, there really aren't any. The only real positive is that my Birthday is six away from Christmas so there's none of that "this is for your Birthday and Christmas" nonsense some November/December/January babies get off their family.

If anyone has any kickass suggestions about any new bars or anything opening up in Sydney, let me know. I have my favourites but it's always hard getting everyone together.

Wow, so really that's only two things on my to-do list. Tough life.

What is everyone else doing during their uni hols? Does anyone have any ideas for fun things to do in Winter?

Also wanted to post a heads up to my friend Angie's blog. *Click* You may remember her from such outings as 'Fighting off girls to get at Kim Kardashian' and 'Empty Promises- The Festival formerly known as Future Music'. She's doing a Keeping Up With The Kardashians giveaway at the moment, so head on over!