Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Fatal Attraction to Cuteness

I've had my eye on this adorable Peter Alexander nightie for a couple of weeks now and today I finally took the plunge.
Word of warning- if you're going to buy it, get it from the actual Peter Alexander boutiques, their online store or their mail order system. I originally wanted to purchase it from David Jones but they were selling it for $79.95 instead of the RRP of $59.00. They had even gone over the $59.00 tag with black marker and although you could still see the $59.00 price through the marker, they wouldn't budge on the price.

It's part of the Sleep and Day range which features pyjamas which are a little more wearable for daytime, and I interpret this as still being in my PJs at midday and going to collect the mail- moreso than actually wearing it out as a dress.

I was also looking for bed socks today too. I have the most adorable pair which are like little mary janes and were purchased at St Vincent's Hospital and I'm quite sure were crocheted by a 103 year old nun in the Hunter Valley*, but aside from that, my little tooties need some backups!
Shops are seriously lacking in this department right now. The best I could come up with were these hilarious Doona boots which are a rip off, cheapo version of some more superior and expensive ones I've seen elsewhere.
I bought my sexy, $12.00 versions from Target and while they came in a delicate powder-blue, heart print fabric, I opted for the purple shoe and bag print- They're sooooooooooo Carrie Bradshaw I JUST DIE.

*They were actually crocheted by the awesomely talented woman who delivers the food to the patients at St Vincent's Private. Apparently she also takes orders when she has a spare 2 minutes and can whip up a pair in those same 2 minutes. Unfortunately I've never come across her in all my stays at the Hospital.

When I got them home, I realised that they're kind of like oven mits.

Am I right?

Who picked up on the Fatal Attraction (to Cuteness) reference?

My baby darling Georgina had a big day today too, so I decided to tuck her into bed and read her her favourite story book, Who wants to be a Poodle I don't by Lauren Child.
I found this gorgeous book at Lesley McKay bookshop on Queen St, Woollahra. It's all about a pampered Poodle name Trixie Twinkle Toes who doesn't like being a poncy little Poodle, basically.
It suits Georgina really well as she looks divine but she's a bit of a rough-nut sometimes.

"Who wants a belly rub?!?"

Man, my bed looks small in those pics. Freakishly giant me makes a Queen look like a single. I wonder what NBA players sleep in?

What recent purchases have you made? Does anyone have any hints for other cute jamies for Winter?

Nightie- Peter Alexander
Robe- Peter Alexander
Boots- Alannah Hill
Socks- Sportsgirl
Bed Socks- Target


  1. oh god. i am out of words. you are too cute. please come over and pull a stuffed bunny out of my cooking pots too! dressed like that. maybe with some more bows. thankyou x

  2. Very cute. I bought the most awesome Mickey and Minnie mouse pjs from the kids section of big w. They are so beautiful I don't want to wear them.

  3. These photos are adorable! I could spend so much money in Peter Alexander. It's not even funny. And thanks for the heads up re: DJs and dodgy mark ups. Although I didn't even know you could buy PA pjs from DJS. You learn something every day, haha.

  4. You are looking gorgeous today, a little Lara Bingle-esque actually (this is a compliment, not a back-handed one!)

    For cute slippers, I love the Grosby Hoodie ones from K-Mart.

  5. oh my god marlo these pics are hilarious! i nearly died laughing, they are too cute! xoxo

  6. Oh I was just looking at that nightie in David Jones yesterday and wanting! I did think the price was rather high for PA, so now I know why: department stores are evil :D

  7. loving all the pics and that dress is cute xxxx

  8. Gorgeous dress, and LOVE your boots. Love the photos too!

  9. Pics are so cute! love the dress too

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  11. I love Peter Alexander PJs, that dress is especially cute!

  12. Marlo!! I have the same dress as you do! Fashionable minds think alike! I posted a pic of it in one of my blog posts! I love it so much!

    I am in Melbourne, to answer your question.

    I had no idea that DJs mark up their PA prices. Are they even allowed to do that?!?!?!

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